Bridges Borneo-Sporenburg

Bridges Borneo-Sporenburg
Spolupráce:Jerry van Eyck, Daphne Schuit
Adresa: Panamakade 144, Amsterdam, Nizozemí

Large scale interventions in a city require a strong and understandable concept in order to carry a unique identity. It is not a ready-made object, but it will accumulate richness and beauty through time. They always refer to the local context, the history, the landscape, or the surrounding ecology. The knowledge that a contemporary urban design is for the most part artificial and made up of different components, both designed and undersigned, allows West 8 the freedom to respond by positioning its own narrative spaces. The aim is to incorporate the awareness of these various aspects in a playful optimistic manner that stimulates the desire to conquer and take possession of space. A large-scale intervention such as a bridge design cannot be successfully completed without consideration or design of its surroundings.
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