Wrocław Contemporary Art Museum

Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław w bunkrze przeciwlotniczym

Wrocław Contemporary Art Museum
Architect: Richard Konwiarz
Instalace:L/B Sabina Lang, Daniel Bauman
Address: Plac Strzegomski 2, Wrocław, Poland
Investor:Zarząd Inwestycji Miejskich Wrocław
Completion:1942, 2011
Area:5258 m2

LS Hochbunker renovation for Museum of Contemporary Arts is focused on preserving the unique structure of the 1942 nazi antiaircraft shelter by Richard Konwiarz. The claustrophobic atmosphere of the rounded corridor-like spaces is reduced by opening the rows of doors which were originally bricked up. Additional openings are made in exhibition spaces were part of the floor is removed. The roof is reserved for café in cylindrical glassed pavilion around the existing core.
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