Meeting of Cultures in Lublin

Centrum Spotkania Kultur w Lublinie

Meeting of Cultures in Lublin
Architect: Bolesław Stelmach
Address: Plac Teatralny 1, Lublin, Poland
Investor:Województwo lubelskie
Price:1 260 000 000 CZK
Area:29778 m2
Built Up Area:6254 m2

The Theatre under Construction was finished 44 years after the start of its construction. During 4 decades it was in a pitiable shape and it was used only partly. The project maintained and revealed the structures of the building from the subsequent stages of unfinished construction. The space indicates the times that passed by. The new elements of the building discuss with the past (Gutenberg Barrows in front of the theatre), the present (multimedia façade) and the future (endemic gardens on the roof). The new surface joining reconstructed ruins is the Alley of Cultures – the lively place-to-be.
Product Description. The old, demolition bricks and brick walls from unfinished construction were used for the new building. The added parts of the building were made of reinforced concrete with different structuring obtained with manual treatment.
Stelmach i Partnerzy Biuro Architektoniczne Sp. z o.o.
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