Multifamily building at 4 Sprzeczna street

Multifamily building at 4 Sprzeczna street
Spolupráce:Emilia Sobańska, Katarzyna Najberg
Address: Sprzeczna 4, Praga, Warszawa, Poland

The building at 4 Sprzeczna street aspires to continue the restoration of the beautiful Praga district and to become a recognisable element not only in the immediate vicinity, but also on a larger scale. The building is supposed to be a starting point for the restoration of the whole urban block. And it can be claimed that the key to restore an urban block is the frontage.
The skin of the building is plain and brick-red – so that it corresponds to other buildings in the district, which are built mainly of bricks. All southern walls of the prefabricated parts of the elevation are featured with imprinted concrete, which creates the original and unique theme of the tenement at 4, Sprzeczna street.
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